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Dan Devine Diaries

Dan Devine has a series going at Surfer's Village ( www.surfersvillage.com ):

Dan Devine Diaries: stories from Santa Cruz 2005 & ..

Kookmeyer on Clark Foam

Courtesy of Bob Panuelas and Surfer Magazine:

Wilbur Kookmeyer Gets His Clark Foam On

World Heritage Site Protection

In case you missed the comments on the "Panaitan Island Pillage" thread, there is some useful information particularly to the question:

"Where can I send a letter of concern about a threat to a World Heritage site, or a site on the List of World Heritage in Danger?"

The answer from UNESCO:

The World Heritage Committee relies on citizens to play an active role in protecting World Heritage sites. If you have any concern about an existing site, do not hesitate to contact the National Commission of the country in charge of the site.

Email: Mr. Rosli Haji Nor roslinor@heritage.gov.my

There is a SE Asain regional conference on breaches of World Heritage Sites December 12-16. If you have concerns regarding the legality of the Panaitan Island Surf camp then please send an email to the above or the below.

You may also contact the World Heritage Centre:

World Heritage Centre
7, Place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP

Fax: 33 (01) 45 68 55 70
E-mail: wh-info@unesco.org

Waves Of Warning

Written in the style of a James Michener saga combined with the action adventure of 'The Perfect Storm', Glenn Hening's "Waves of Warning" was first published in 2004 and is still available, as is his condensed version.

Glenn released "The Orginal Manuscript - Collectors Edition of 'Waves of Warning'", divided into two volumes. Part One, "The First Winds of Winter" and Part Two, "Ancient Waves." A year later, he took the time to go back through the 780 page story and tighten it up to make a single, slightly shorter single volume.

The story begins with a lone mariner at a sacred Polynesian reef and continues through the heart of the surf industry in Orange County, the pro surf scene on the North Shore, the billion dollar deals on Wall Street, massive storms in Antarctica, the endless waves of the Roaring 40s, tow-in surfing on 80' waves, and an archipelago not found on any maps where a society of people have lived for hundred of years untouched by modern technology.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the original or the condensed edition of "Waves of Warning," leave a "comment" here and I will pass it along to Glenn.

Alternatively, you can read "Waves of Warning" at LEGENDARY SURFERS, in serialized form beginning with:

Waves of Warning - Foreword by Drew Kampion, Introduction by Glenn, along with a Table of Contents

Each serialized chapter includes a link to the Word format version that can be read online or downloaded.

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Clark Foam Shut Down

"Surf World Shocker: Clark Foam Shuts Down - Board Building Community Stunned by the Sudden Shut Down of Clark Foam, the World’s Leading Blank Supplier" By Chris Mauro:

Clark Foam shuts doors suddenly surf industry stunned

Grubby's complete letter of explanation:

Grubby Tells As Much As He Can

Malik Joyeux Dies at Pipe

Professional surfer Malik Joyeux from Tahiti died 12/2/2005, following an accident at the Banzai Pipeline. He was a well-known waterman and one of the most popular surfers in Tahiti. He was only 25 years of age.:

R.I.P. Malik Joyeux from Tahiti dies at Banzai Pipeline