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“The Malibu Board” chapter in ebook format tells the story of how the prototype for today's longboard came into existence in the late 1940's. While Bob Simmons set the stage for its development, his assistants and protoges Joe Quigg, Matt Kivlin, Tommy Zahn and Dave Rochlen came up with what we now refer to as “The Malibu Board,” or in Oceania as simply “Malibu’s”.

The design’s potential was not realized right away. It wasn’t until Dave Rochlen and guys like Melonhead (Porter Vaughn) and Leslie Williams started ripping Malibu apart with these boards that they got everyone's attention. The whole story is covered in this chapter, which is finally available for free. To view and/or download, please go to:

When requested for a password, enter: darrylin

Please note on page 5 that the date for the Darrylin Board is marked as 1947, based on Joe Quigg's memory, but subsequent research and recollections from a number of other people -- including a thorough check of the timeline -- indicate the board was made in 1948, after Joe had come back from The Islands for the first time and after Simmons had already built light boards for Aggie and Vicki.

Aloha and Thank You for Your Interest in My Writings!

Malcolm Gault-Williams

Contents of What You Will Receive:

  1946: Fiberglass & Resin
  .. Fiberglass
  .. Resin
  1947: Zahn, Quigg, Kivlin, Rochlen & Melonhead
  .. Tommy Zahn
  .. Joe Quigg
  .. Dave Rochlen
  The Darrylin Board
  Other Joe Quigg Designs, 1947-49
  .. 1st Pintail Gun, 1st Fiberglassed Skeg
  .. Foam Prototype
  .. Multiple Fins
  .. Grey Ghost
  .. Malibu Perpetual Surfboard
  .. Nose Rider & Ridicule
  1948
  1949
  .. Hot Curl Experiments
  .. Foam Experiments
  .. Simmons Styrofoam Sandwich Boards
  The "Birdman" & The Malibu
  Matt Kivlin & The Malibu
  .. Dave Rochlen
  Simmons Breaks It Off, 1950
  Joe Quigg in Later Years

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