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Waves Of Warning

Written in the style of a James Michener saga combined with the action adventure of 'The Perfect Storm', Glenn Hening's "Waves of Warning" has earned excellent reviews...

Last year Glenn released "The Orginal Manuscript - Collectors Edition of 'Waves of Warning", divided into two volumes. Part One, "The First Winds of Winter" and Part Two, "Ancient Waves". Now he has taken the time to go back through the 780 page story and tighten it up - almost like what you'd get with a huge and powerful swell after blowing strong offshore winds into the faces, to smooth out, and yet make even more powerful, the energy of the story.

The story begins with a lone mariner at a sacred Polynesian reef and continues through the heart of the surf industry in Orange County, the pro surf scene on the North Shore, the billion dollar deals on Wall Street, massive storms in Antarctica, the endless waves of the Roaring 40s, tow-in surfing on 80' waves, and an archipelago not found on any maps where a society of people have lived for hundred of years untouched by modern technology.

Go to the link, below, to read an excerpt, reviews and about Glenn...

To buy the original two volume set (780 pages) OR the newly single volume (525 pages) released for Christmas, go to "HOW TO ORDER" for check and mailing info. All copies signed and numbered by the author.

A copy of the new single volume version is 27.95. Buy two and pay only $45.
A single copy of the orginal manuscript version (Includes both Part One and Part Two) is 34.95 plus shipping. Buy two and pay only $55 - with free shipping.

Not sure of what you wanna do? Email Glenn at: glenn@wavesofwarning.com

Waves Of Warning


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