Dale Velzy Recollections

National Public Radio did some coverage of Dale Velzy's passing, including some sound clips from friends and admirers:

NPR : Dale Velzy Helped Shape Surfer Culture

Wegener Surfboards

Just received this note (slightly edited) from veteran LEGENDARY SURFERS reader and Australian shaper Tom Wegener:

Dear Malcom,

I wish I bought your book a long time ago! I am going to purchase it over the internet tomorrow...

I went to the Bishop Museum last year and got into the archieves. I saw all the old boards and was blown away by how masterfully they were crafted. I took all the measurements off an Olo and to some photos of the Alaia. I have made replicas of both. I have had pneumonia so I haven't really ridden the Olo in proper surf yet, but I am having a blast on the Alaia. They ride great. It has turned my surfing world up-side-down. It drives across open walls, hangs tight in the pocket, can cut back on a flat shoulder. With practice I think I can hold it in a tube. I live in Noosa, Australia so I get some pretty perfect to test it in...

Tom Wegener

0401 257 479

Wegener Surfboards - The Wegeners

Dale Velzy, R.I.P.

Dale Velzy has left us.

My chapter on Dale remains the best free source of info about his life as a surfer and shaper. If you have not done so already, please visit:

Dale "The Hawk" Velzy

There is also a Velzy thread at Surfermag.com:

SurferMag Message Boards: RIP Dale Velzy

Snake's 2 Websites

Snake's got two web presences, now. If you haven't checked into his long-standing website, go to:

Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's Surfing Page

Also, his mid-Atlantic surf products site is:


Chinese Surfboards

Received the following message along with the link to the pic:

Multi Neoprene Factory
Houjie Town Dongguan City China

Products : Surf Board
The spec. 1865x470x52 (cm)
The price : USD130.00/pc

Surf Board.jpg (JPEG Image, 524x800 pixels) - Scaled (81%)

Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre

jimmy z passed me this link to the Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre. A fun read!

Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre

Betty Heldreich Winstedt

Betty Heldreich Winstedt, pioneer woman surfer was profiled in the April 18, 2005 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser:

A legend young at heart - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper