Wednesday, December 24, 2014


LEGENDARY SURFERS: 2004-2014 by Malcolm Gault-Williams

This Portable Document Format (PDF) collection of all postings at the LEGENDARY SURFERS website over the past eleven years marks my continued move toward more digitized publication. It is notable in several respects:

  • This “ebook” is completely portable on electronic devices, in a format compatible for reading on any ebook reader. Unlike the content on the website, the content in the ebook is not dependent on a connection to the Internet. You can even take it to the beach!
  • The 1,172 pages (6.25 MB) contain text, images, and internal and external hyperlinks. The internal links function on their own and are particularly helpful when selecting posts in the Contents or following Footnotes to source references. To use the ebook’s external links, yes, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.
  • Because the ebook is basically an electronic file, it can be easily shared with friends and family. I have not set any restrictions on its replication as long as normal copyright rules are respected. This ebook makes a great gift from you to other surfers you know who appreciate a more detailed look into the history of surfing.
LEGENDARY SURFERS: 2004-2014 is just $4.95, using PayPal. Since I do all order fulfillment myself, please be patient with an occasional delay in getting your ebook to you. If there is ever a problem with your order, you can always reach me via the comments section at the bottom of this webpage (if the PayPal icon does not appear, you are probably reading this from a mobile device and will need to go to the LEGENDARY SURFERS website itself):

I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection that represents eleven years of LEGENDARY SURFERS posts on the Internet. Please feel free to add any comments you may have about it. I always love to hear back from my readers!

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