Monday, December 27, 2010

Corona del Mar, 1927

Dick Huffman was there and remembers Corona del Mar before the channel was dredged and the breakwaters reconfigured...

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  1. Started surfing in 1960, my grandfather Russell Craig was harbor master of Newport and Balboa for 16 years. We lived in China Cove, he built two of the houses next to the SC institute (if they're still there), gave the beach (which he owned for years) in front which he owned back to the city (bought it for nothing back in the late 40's). We used to look across at the Wedge, body surf and watch our brothers crash and burn... remember walking over/past pirates cove to the big beach - surf was usually crap, but had some unreal days... surfing waves overhead maybe 12-15 coming off the end of the getty. I was 15, no fear... started competeing soon after. Could go on and on. reflecting, Now, such a lucky man... sorry about the run-on sentences, but I'm who I am now because of my family, growing up in Corona del Mar. Thanks pops.



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