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1st (USA) National Surfing and Paddleboard Championship, 1938

First National Surfing and Paddleboard Championship
Long Beach, California • November-December 1938
For the past couple of years, Ian Lind -- John Lind's son -- has been posting his dad's photographic archives up on the Net. Recently, Ian "found these yellowed newspaper clippings and related items among my father's papers. They help document the first national surfing champtionship competition held in Long Beach in late 1938. My father, John Lind, was active in both the Long Beach Surfing Club and the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and he sparked the two groups into sponsoring and organizing this event. These tell the story. Click here for photographs of the event."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a contestant John Olson i believe he won this competition..is there any information on him?

June 07, 2011  

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