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Jeff Clark Speaks Out

Over the past several years, it has been obvious that my vision and priorities are not in line with those of Mavericks Surf Ventures. I have had in the past, and continue to have, strong differences of opinion with the present CEO and Board about the direction, image and priorities of the company and the contest.

The press release issued by Mavericks Surf Ventures this week stating that I ‘stepped down’ and I am ‘passing the torch to the next generation’ is wrong. The reality is that I was ousted as Contest Director by the current CEO.

I must also note that, while the company’s news release states that this year’s contest will be held to celebrate ‘the 35th anniversary of Jeff Clark’s first session at the now world-famous break,’ the 35th anniversary is actually next season, in 2010-11. I will not allow the company to use my accomplishment as a marketing tactic.

Effective today, I have resigned from the Board of Directors of Mavericks Surf Ventures.

My vision for the Mavericks Surf Contest has been unwavering: it is about the family of big wave surfers, the spirit of the ocean, and this amazing wave. I never wanted that to be compromised for the sake of money or marketing opportunities. I think that focus is obvious to anyone who knows me or who has seen my priorities over the years.

Mavericks has been an integral part of my personal and professional life for more than 30 years, and I hope that it continues to be a part of both in the future.

I wake up looking at Mavericks, and I have watched and surfed those waves most of my life. I started the contest 10 years ago, and I can say one thing for sure: Mavericks is Mavericks. The waves will come – or not – when they will.

The one thing I would truly regret would be to see a committee deciding, based on sponsorship money and media opportunities, when the best day to run the contest would be, and have it turn into just another 10 foot swell with a lot of hype and not a lot of substance. Any true Mavericks surfer wants and deserves a real test of ability.

I wish everyone well, knowing that Mavericks will always take care of itself.

I wish I could say more at this time, but I have had limited time to absorb these changes and will have more to say about this situation as things become clearer.”


We're with you, Jeff. Mahalo for your sense of family, tribe and integrity.

Jeff Clark: My Word

The Unknown O.C. Surfer

"In honor of the unknown O.C. surfer talent," by Corky Carroll, Orange County Register ( corkysurf@aol.com ).

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Slater's Glass Slipper

Sam George looks at Kelly Slater's "Glass Slipper" ...

See also the other vids in the Surfline series "If These Boards Could Talk" and join the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

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"Toll Road" Is Back!

They haven't given up on the really bad idea of the Toll Road that would ruin Trestles:

After route fails, agency still wants 241 extension - OCRegister.com

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1980s Women Greats

Stumbled upon this really neat video of the great women surfers of the late 1980s:

The write-up of the video goes like this:

"This independent documentary film expands the surf film genre and features some of the most unique and visually stunning moments in women's sports cinematography. The film was shot on location in Tavarua, Fiji, a remote 30-acre island in the South Pacific that is surrounded by one of the world's best ocean reef breaks.

"Against this backdrop, charging ten-foot waves that pound the coral reef beneath, or inside the hollow of a perfectly-shaped "tube" - Surfer Girl captures images of women athletes rarely seen on television or in film. The women speak of their passion for the ocean, for surfing, and for following their dreams, despite the odds against them. Surfer Girl features Americans Frieda Zamba and Debbie Beacham, and Australian's Wendy Botha, Pam Burridge and Jodie Cooper... Five women. Ten world titles. Personal and compelling stories."

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Buzzy Trent

In the latest issue of Ocean Mag, there's a piece on Buzzy Trent, written by his daughter Anna Trent Moore, complete with photographs from the family archives.

Also, part two of the Swamis Surfing Association article is ready for reading.

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Dick Baker (1946-2009)

In a traditional Hawaiian tribute, hundreds of surfers formed a circle offshore at Doheny State Beach on May 31, 2009 to say goodbye to Dick Baker, a mentor and friend to many in the surfing industry...

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