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Maya Gabeira Rides Biggest Wave

Massive South African Waves Rock The 2010 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards; Gabeira Rides Biggest Ever By A Woman —- Burle, Long & Baker Also Go Huge...

Maya Gabeira Rides The Biggest Wave Ever By A Woman | Transworld Surf



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And she rode it backside!


August 15, 2009  
Anonymous brett said...

Maya is amazing. I just got her recent ESPN feature and it made me appreciate her talent and drive even more. It was a really great profile, plus was full of some awesome big wave shots. As an added bonus, the footage is set to some great songs - “I’m Alive” by Radio Freq and “Come My Sunshine” by The Comas.

Definitely worth your 5 mins, you can watch it at : http://displacedbrett.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/maya-gabeira

August 17, 2009  

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