Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hawaii 1916 Footage

Hawaiian footage from 1916. A brief surfing sequence at very end:

YouTube - Hawaii: Paradise of the Pacific (1916)

The translations of the title cards (thanks to PaulW)

De Hawaianeilanden in Vogelvlucht:
Birds-eye view of the Hawaiian Islands.

Deze eilanden behooren tot de Sandwich eilanden. Het landschap is zeer bergachtig:
These islands belong to the Sandwich Isles. The landscape is very mountainous.

Een tochtje op de Hilo baan:
A ride on the Hilo track.

De inboorlingen visschen in de brandingen met behulp van werpnetten:
The natives fish in the surf with the help of nets.

Typen uit Hawaian:
Characters from Hawaii.

Met een snelheid van 35 K.M. per uur door de branding:
With a speed of 20 mph through the surf.

Thanks and appreciations to Damon Tucker for posting and Bob Russell for giving the heads-up on it. Please visit Damon's website "Pahoa" for comments, including some from old timers.

See also comments at YouTube: Paradise of the Pacific and check related videos.

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