Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maurice Cole

"Though he’s shaped boards for a number of world champs, Maurice Cole’s more than a shaper —- he’s been an innovator, pioneer, designer, madman, charger, and entrepreneur, among other things. He founded BASE Surfboards, the all-star shaping co-op in Australia, and then suddenly exited. Since then, he and mate Ross Clarke-Jones have been towing large surf and working on Maurice’s next design advancements.

"He’s opinionated, controversial, and tack sharp. This is his first U.S. interview in a long while. Enjoy, discuss, and wish him the best on his fight..." Please go to Casey Koteen's interview of Maurice at:

Maurice Cole Emerges | Transworld Surf


  1. Down the Line surf talk radio podcast recently spent two hours with Maurice. Check it:

  2. Have blogged it at: - Thanks for the heads up!


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