Friday, April 17, 2009

LEROY GRANNIS (1917-2011)

Aloha and welcome to this LEGENDARY SURFERS chapter on surfer and surf photographer Leroy "Granny" Grannis!

LEGENDARY SURFERS chapters on Granny, include:

  • LeRoy "Granny" Grannis, written in 2011.
  • Current Series posted, following his passing at age 93, year 2011.
  • Legendary Surfer: LeRoy Grannis (updated 2005)

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    Additional Resources

  • SURFER Magazine Photo Tribute to LeRoy, February 2011
  • Granny Interview by James O'Mahoney

  • Granny Bio by Jason Borte, 2000

  • Granny Wiki

  • Granny Tribute, November 2010, includes lots of LeRoy's classic photographs

  • Granny Images online

  • Los Angeles Times Obit, 2/5/2011

    Granny and I in San Clemente, 1994

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