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Cardiff By The Sea local Tommy Lewis has passed on. Please read about Tommy at the SurferMag Community.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first went to Rincon , Puerto
Rico in 1971 I first heard of Tommy
Lewis. I went to a bar at Maria's surf
break for lunch and he was legend then.
He could surf unreal in big waves.People
talked about him like he was some sort
real Indiana Jones of the surfing world,
somebody you really knew was enjoying
his life.Years later I meet him at Cardiff Reef and told him about that .
The Creator above really wants us to enjoy this great creation. Tommy Lewis
did insuch a natural way.

January 31, 2009  
Blogger matthew said...

I also lived in Puntas / Rincon from 1969 - thru 1972 and remember Tommy Lewis from those days also..

An excellent board builder my friend got one at the time and it was so far ahead of it's time in board theory and design. Tommy was an amazing surfer and waterman..

It's a little late on my post here but my condolences and thoughts go to all his family and friends..


April 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Met Tommy in Barbados 1971, he repaired my G&S twin fin, and even stayed at my rented bungalow for 2 nights, at Bathsheba break point, saw how amazing his surfing was, zig zaging on his way to the bottom, then making a tight turn, almost arriving at the same point of take off, awesome. Saw him again next year again in Barbados, living on yoga / meditation in a shack, he had ran out of cash, a friend of mine bought him a board to help him out economically. To bad wasn't able to see him again while living in California. Just last night found out about his departure. Have fun surfing the outer Celestial Galaxis Tommy.

June 04, 2011  

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