Saturday, January 31, 2009

RABBIT Ends Pro Years

Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, 54, is drawing a close to his 36 Years career in Pro Surfing.

“After deep consideration, I have decided not to seek a fifth term as ASP President,” Bartholomew said. “I depart from ASP with nothing but positive feelings. After 36 years in the engine room of the sport, the timing of this decision is of the utmost importance to me. I feel the time is right. I leave at the height of my effectiveness perhaps I could say the height of my popularity in the surfing world.”

The original “Coolangatta Kid” punctuated a stunning 12 years as a touring professional surfer with a World Title in 1978 and 8 consecutive years in the top 5. Bartholomew’s 36 years in the sport also saw him collect World Titles in the ASP Masters (1999) and ASP Grand Masters (2003) divisions, serve 11 years as surfer representative on the ASP Board, eight years as the regional representative, four years as CEO/President and finally his decade-long stint as President of ASP International.

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  1. i was wondering if anyone knew of a company claiming to give all their proceeds to the Rabbit Kakai Foundation. Here on Maui a company called Kopa Haiku is caliming to give all proceeds to the Rabbit Kekai Foundation. Now the funny thing is the sign says today only, but they display the sign week after week. I have an uneasy feeling about it. The company website is: Gary Grey is the owner. I do not have a ph# but he sells at the Maui swap meet every Saturday. Maybe someone you know could check w/ the foundation and see if this guy is legit.
    Mahalo, Concerned Maui resident

  2. Aloha concerned Maui resident, response to the question: Kopa Haiku has never claimed to fund, sponsor or give proceeds to the Rabbit Kekai Foundation. Our sister company Nalu koa has been a sponsor for Rabbits foundation surfing contest, the last one in 2008 for Nalu Koa.Mr.Gary Gray has been a long time friend of Uncle Rabbit and volunteered Nalu koa's time(on Oahu) and some proceeds with the hopes to help the foundation which Nalu Koa is no longer a part of.Kopa Haiku located in Haiku Hi manufactures Hawaiian bath and body products and has been in business over ten years. If you have any further questions please contact Kopa Haiku at


  3. To whom this may concern(concerned Maui resident), I have read this post a few times typing in kopa Haiku, I have replied back with explanation but you have not posted our reply. Again Nalu Koa/ Kopa Haiku at one point sponsored the Rabbit Kekai foundation(NOT KAKAI) at Waikiki beach every year. We NO longer have any park of this foundation and I am not sure if the foundation even exist anymore. Further more Rabbit is a good friend to Mr. Charles Gray(local beach boy)and we did donate in the past Nalu Koa apparel along with NK cologne(FREE OF CHARGE). Kopa Haiku based out of Haiku, HI is a cosmetic manufacturing company with a five star rating. We do not need or will tolerate any negative press without an explanation. If you have a question(Maui Resident) please contact us or come by our shop in Haiku, HI.

    Kopa Haiku


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