WOODY BROWN (1912-2008)

One of surfing's greats -- Woody Brown -- passed on at the age of 96, in 2008.

To read about Woody's life, please go to:
WOODY BROWN (1912-2008) written in 2015.
LEGENDARY SURFER: WOODY 'Spider' BROWN, last updated in 2008.

1940s images of Woody courtesy of The Surfer's Journal

Woody was a true surfing legend and also one in the sailing and gliding worlds. Personally for me, he was an inspiration and there are aspects of my life that I have modeled from his own. Here's my favorite photo of Woody:

Woody and Malcolm, Paia, mid-1990s - photo by Miya

Links to more info about Woody Brown and his life:

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-- "The Spiritual Journey of Pioneer Surfer Woody Brown" by Drew Kampion, THE SURFER'S PATH, 2001



Blogger mauisurfer said...

RIP Woody.
Nicest man I ever knew.
So kind, so generous, so gentle.
He explained to me once about how surfing and sailing and flying gliders were similar. Woody said that in each of these activities, the human soul was seeking its natural freedom from its earthly limitations (like gravity and weight and time and distance).

April 19, 2008  
Blogger Hodad said...

what a wonderful outlook and explanation
sure makes sense to me the 'freeing of the soul'
with earth,air,fire,water activities

April 20, 2008  
Blogger c-mac said...

A partner and I found the old Waikiki Surf catamaran, rotting in a slip at Ala Wai harbor, around 1972. Woody had built in the 50's with Funai's Boatyard,if not mistaken. We spent almost 1 1/2 years restoring it at Keahi Lagoon, and put it back into beach service in front of the Halekulani, for a couple of years. Woody stopped by once, as he heard it was back on the beach, and told us some wonderful stories of sailing it a decade or more earlier.Would often think of him while sailing between the islands, surfboards strapped to the the forward webbing--what a guy...

April 21, 2008  

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