"Bustin' Down The Door"

"Bustin' Down The Door," kind of a film version of Rabbit's book, made its premier showing during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

My son Das left a snowboarding session early so he could take me to see it and meet some of the legends at the post-party. Here's a link to:

Das Williams, Santa Barbara City Councilman

... and here's a link to a local write-up about the movie and party (with pictures - Das and I included) by Shannon Kelley Gould:

"Surf City Peeps"

Keep your eyes open for the movie. It's exceptional. Here's the book:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there on the North Shore for that special time.
As fortune would have it I was also taking surf
photos for one of the magazines, when not pounding
nails up in Pupukea. Watching the Aussies, South Africans and Hawaiians tear apart that seven mile stretch of beach was something I'll never forget. Would love to see the movie but living in a ski resort town in Colorado there's slim chance I'll get to see it
on the big screen, maybe when it comes out on DVD.


February 11, 2008  

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