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"LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 2: Early 20th Century Surfing and Tom Blake" is now available for only $23.95, plus shipping and handling. Other discounts may apply when ordering through CafePress:

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"LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 2: Early 20th Century Surfing and Tom Blake" takes up where Volume 1 (printed in 2005) left off: The period directly after "The Revival" era that consists of the little-known decades of the 1910s and 1920s. Tom Blake is a big part of this period, so, like I did in Volume 1 with Duke, so I do in Volume 2 with Tom Blake. His entire story as a surfer is told, based on his definitive biography "TOM BLAKE: The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman".

LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 2 is a 7.5 X 9.25 inch paperback with color covers front and back. At 172 white paper pages, it is 90,517 words in length, including 20 pages of footnotes and 51 images.

The book is organized into three chapters. The first two, "The 1910s" and "The 1920s" cover surfing as it developed on the Hawaiian Island of O'ahu and then spread to the U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand. These two chapters of Volume 2 are also available in electronic file form as ebooklets at the LEGENDARY SURFERS website.

The third chapter of Volume 2 takes up over half of the book and covers the life of Tom Blake. This take on Tom Blake is based on the ground-breaking biography of Tom done by Gary Lynch, Spencer Croul, Bill Hoopes, Bosha and David Struve, and myself in 2001. "TOM BLAKE: The Journey of a Pioneer Waterman" is no longer in print, but Blake's story is still available for those who want to know about the second most influential surfer of the 20th Century (Duke Kahanamoku, in my estimation, being the most influential).


My emphasis has been on depth of coverage on all aspects related to surfing's history, culture and heroes. Most of you know that I have been writing about surfing's history for more than a decade and have one of the oldest surfing websites on the Internet. My work has appeared in such important surfing resources as "The Surfer's Journal," Longboard," and "Surfing." My writings on surf history have been replicated all over the Internet and can be found worldwide. My surf writings website, LEGENDARY SURFERS, is visited by approximately 180 people per day by surfers around the world.


LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 2 -- as with all stuff I sell (books, ebooklets and gear) -- is 100% guaranteed. If, for whatever reason, you decide you do not want the book (or gear), simply return them within 30 days of purchase and you'll be refunded the full purchase price.


Have any questions about Volume 1 or 2 or my writings in general? You can always email me at: malcolm@legendarysurfers.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Malcolm

I am from South Africa and we are wanting to use the image on the front of your legendary surfer book.
I know it is Tom Blake but do not have a contact for him.
Do you perhaps have one ?
Not sure if its a free image or if rights apply ?

Thank you


November 06, 2013  

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