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Childs Glacier - Cordova, Alaska

Surfing waves generated by the advancing Childs Glacier, 50 miles outside Cordova, Alaska:

A well-informed comment left on YouTube:

"That's Child's Glacier 50 miles outside of Cordova. The road dead ends at this glacier which is also by the "Million Dollar Bridge". The bridge was mostly destroyed in the big 1964 earthquake.

"I've been there for many big calvings and I can't imagine anyone doing what this guy did. There are boulders and several ton chunks of ice mixed in with that tsunami. He's lucky to escape with his life. If he would have wiped out, I am afraid he would have perished. Cool video though."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Child`s Glacier is the place for sure, and Child`s Play is the Break. I road this bad boy , this big chunk of ice back in 65`. Piece a cake. I wasn`t even wearing my wet suit..I save that for cold water....

North to Alaska! Bring all your dope.. I have papers...

September 20, 2007  

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