50 Years of Oz Malibu's


Geoff Cater, in conjunction with the Shoalhaven Heads Surf Life Saving
Club, presents a exhibition of surfboards and related images, as part of
Historyweek 2006. The 10th Annual Historyweek 2006, an initiative of the
History council of NSW, runs from 16 to 24 September 2006 throughout NSW.

The event provides an evolutionary account of the modern surfboard,
illustrating developments in Australia since 1956. This was a seminal
year for Australian surfers, who had widespread exposure to the modern
fibreglassed Malibu surfboard. It features more than 60 boards- many
significant designs, examples by most major NSW manufacturers and boards
by noted surfer-shapers, including Midget Farrelly, Nat Young and Bob

The images represent a history of surf-riding and begin in Hawaii with
Cook’s illustrator, John Webber, in 1779. Australian images date from
1908 and initially record activities of the surf life saving movement.
The Surf Life Saving Clubs were directly responsible for the popularity
of board riding, initially promoting the skills of Duke Kahanamoku in
1914. The potential of the Malibu board was demonstrated in 1956 by
surfers from Hawaii and the USA, invited to compete in an international
surf life saving exhibition at Torquay, Victoria, in conjunction with
the Melbourne Olympic Games.

Geoff Cater’s research focuses on the history of surf craft riding,
design and construction. His work(and provisional exhibition catalogue)
is online at www.surfresearch.com.au

Historyweek is an annual state-wide celebration of history. It was
initiated by the History Council of NSW in 1997 to showcase the rich,
diverse history being produced by organizations and individuals across
Australia. Historyweek celebrates and promotes the practice of history
and emphasizes the role it plays in the cultural life of the community.
During Historyweek, community groups, local councils, libraries,
archives, museums, universities, and cultural institutions host hundreds
of events across NSW – exhibitions, photographic displays, lectures,
museum tours, guided walks, workshops – bringing a fascinating array of
histories to the wider public.

The History Council of NSW is the peak body representing history in NSW.
Through its membership, the Council draws together the many
organizations and individuals in the state who vale the past. The
Council promotes community recognition of the significance of history
and fosters culturally diverse approaches and excellence in historical
research and writing.

The Shoalhaven Heads Surf Life Saving Club and Geoff Cater trust that
many people will enjoy the event as part of Historyweek 2006. There is
no entry fee.

For a full statewide listing of Historyweek 2006 events visit
ISSUED BY: Geoff Cater, PO Box 37 Shoalhaven Heads NSW.
For further information about this event please contact:

Geoff Cater
PO Box 37 Shoalhaven Heads NSW 2535.
Phone: 02 4448 7490

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