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Wili Wili & Olo

Tom Stone wrote about the image and text posted at:
Tom Pohaku Stone's Olo...


Aloha kaua,

I am glad there is recognition on your site of the work done in the UK
at the Capt. Cook Birthplace Museum, and the photo posted. Just would
like to point out that the board featured is not the olo board made for
the museum it is my wiliwili board that is also on loan to the museum.
The attached photo contains the replica of Abner Paki's olo surfboard
on the right side that is 16 ft. long and the left is my 11 ft.
wiliwili. The individuals in the photo are to my right the curator of
the museum Phil Philo and Gary on my left from the Saltburn Surf Shop
who was very much a part of the construction of this replica.

Tom Stone


Thanks, Tom!


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