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Tom Pohaku Stone's Olo

The Oxbow sponsored British Surfing Museum is staging a major surf history exhibition at Aberdeen Maritime Museum in Scotland, featuring a replica of Chief Abner Paki's mid-1800's olo.

"What an amazing year it's been for Scottish surfing with the success of the WQS world championships up at Thurso recently and Russ Winter's big win," said museum director Pete Robinson. "I'm really proud to be presenting the first ever exhibition of British surfing history to be held in Scotland."

A connection of sorts between Hawaiian surfing and surfing's later beginnings in 20th century Scotland can be found in half Hawaiian - half Scottish Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn who was an expert surfer in the late 1800s.

On display is the Paki olo replica hand crafted using traditional techniques for The Surfing Museum by Tom Pohaku Stone.

There are also photos of the first waves ever ridden in Scotland and a fantastic collection of original classic British surfboards and memorabilia showing how surfing has developed in Scotland since the early 1900's.

Also on display are the new ‘eco’ balsa surfboard made by the Eden Project in Cornwall – showing how shapers are trying to find a way of going full circle back to natural products. It has been built as a challenge to all businesses to clean up their act, and Chris Hines' original Surfers Against Sewage campaign board.

British Surfing Museum - History of Surfing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If fact the photo is of Tom when he visited Saltburn-by-Sea, England on a vist arranged with visiting Capt. Cook's Birthplace Museum. Very interesting to meet with him and to check out this Olo. Surf was good that day too Later, Nick

June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed - Nick is right.
Tom Pohaku Stone was visiting the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum as part of a two week festival run in conjunction with the British Surfing Museum.
He shaped an olo replica in public workshops on Saltburn beachfront - this and one of his personal olo 'riders' have been left behind for the Cook museum to display.
The board at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum is a replica of Princess Victoria Ka'iulani's surfboard. The princess was half Hawaiian half Scottish - hence our interest.
A big thanks to Tom for the princess's replica, plus another alaia he donated to The Surfing Museum and the two olos left behind in England - true aloha from an amazing man. Pete Robinson - director www.thesurfingmuseum.co.uk
(Malcolm - I've emailed you a photo of the correct board)

June 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is gratifying to see Princess
Victoria Ka'iulani's connection
to watersports - particularly
surfing - being taken note of
in the larger world. Even in
Hawai'i, this "other side" of
the beautiful and talented
Princess remains little known or emphasized.
Mahalo nui to Malcolm, Tom Stone,
Pete Robinson and everyone
including the Princess in the story
of surfing. We can all help give her
back her connectedness to Hawai'i
water traditions...an important
part of who she was.

Mindi Reid

July 20, 2006  

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