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Sampler of Surf Fiction

Honolulu Star-Bulletin runs down the basic gist of today's surf fiction and does a good job in the summary:

StarBulletin.com | Features | /2005/10/31/

Chief Paki's Olo

Chief Abner Paki's mid-1800's olo surfboard is currently on tour in Britain, 21st October 2005 - 10th March 2006.

Visit Pete Robinson's site for details:

If the recent press about the board are any indications of future coverage, the Bishop Museum of Honolulu may have made a serious mistake in loaning this valuable native board to those who would turn the importance of the board into a celebration of Captain James Cook's leadership of European dominance over Hawaiian culture and society. To read what I mean, check out:

10/25/2005 - "Captain Cook also discovered surfing"
10/25/2005 - "Cook was first European surfing fan"

Cyclops - West OZ

Some neat pictures from Jamie Scott of CYCLOPS, in Western Australia:


A History of Surfing

Back some time ago, Ben Marcus wrote a very good, concise history of surfing for the "Surfing For Life" series. If you haven't seen it, please go to:

SURFING FOR LIFE -- History of Surfing