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Waves Of Warning

I'm reading Glenn Henning's erpic surf novel WAVES OF WARNING and recommend it highly:

Waves Of Warning


Blogger HODAD26 said...

thanks so much for the book review,
i doubt i can find it here,
and the Surfrider Foundation here is somewhat lame as far as communication,[i tried to get some help with the 'stop the fireworks issue", but did not get a reply to the many e mails i sent to the members and sponsors, oh well here is redneck riviera, not very educated the people here, i tried!!}
i would get involved, but i will be returning to Latin America soon to continue my lifestyle and of working with artesanal fishermen (www.senorpescado.com)
and bringing a few friends to visit in El Salvador and soon hopefully to explore the Pacific coast of Colombia.[www.tropicooltours.com]
i have surfed Ecuador and Panama, both, not since the mid 80's though, but Colombia is the best country i have ever been in, and the wave potential has got to be there, Costa Rica is ruined, of course, and El Salvador for the past 20 years has been great, but too many gringos and ugly americans,
so, Colombia it will be.....
once again, thanks for the review, i will have to get the book, maybe my local library can get it
Peace and keep surfing, the best thing to do on this planet!!!

April 14, 2005  
Blogger Malcolm said...

hodad26 - You can order WAVES OF WARNING directly from Glenn. Just follow the link to the book review and then go to "How to Order" in the left hand column... I'm envious of your many places surfed and lived in Central America. Good luck with Columbia and keep in touch.

April 18, 2005  

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