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Wayne Miyata, R.I.P.

Hawaiian surfer, artist and glasser Wayne Miyata has passed on at age 63:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this web link -- I hope your readers will add their stories and memories about Wayne.

Aloha, Layne Novak
(Wayne's "baby" sister)

March 29, 2005  
Anonymous Jimmy Z said...

It has been a week now and I miss this man more and more each day. We started as kids on the north shore and I was proud to call him a friend. I cant tell you the times he would come by with food and rent whe times were tough. We surfed some of the best waves on earth and my memories are sweet and plentifull. So many people came to the paddle out that I couldnt count but I would like to thank you all for supporting this fine man. We have all lost something very dear and I hope to meet up again some day when I get there with him. I pray for him , his familly and all of us who would be so lucky to have as many friends. Aloha My Friend , jimmy z

April 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met Wayne when I was 16. My first board, a Dewey Webber (with a shitty blue and red and checker board triangle pattern) was done. It was time to evolve from swallow tail to clean pro. too bad I sucked. My dad was friends with Wayne, through his trusted co-worker, Maureen. When I met Wayne, at his shop it was like he knew what I wanted from the start. I was some little punk from Venice, and he was the master. "another Al Merrick design" he teased as I placed the order for my first custom board. It still hangs in my basement in Portland, Oregon, all ding repaired, the sweet 6'2", thruster with channels and a custom message from Wayne "To jessie". That board has surfed: Venice to Lagos, diamond Head to Rincon.
Recently, my wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I got her diamond earings. She got me a handmade certificate for "1 Wayne longboard." I cashed in, called Wayne, and placed the order, just as I had done 15 years ago. He was mellow, and once again knew exactly what I wanted before I even finished my sentences.
He got sick shortly after I spoke with him about picking the board up. In fact, he was in Chemo when I did get down to LA to get it. I talked with him on the phone, and that was the last we ever spoke. My 6 year old daughter, Ruby asked if this would mean that I had Wayne's last board ever crafted. I was honored when I replied, "yes" and then got a twinge of sadness. But then, a couple weeks following that, I was out riding Malibu on an epic small, post storm toxic session when I got out of the water and a salty sea dog gave me a head nod saying, "your Wayne board is da kine."
Rest well, Wayne. You are missed and loved by many. Ride well.

April 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne was a great glasser, I have one of his personal 60s guns.It has cool tint panels in light green and his trade mark red and white rising sun on deck, it is a true work of art and no doubt could tell a few stories.It was shaped by Brewer in the early 60s it epitomisers his dedication to his craft.MAHALO wayne

May 03, 2005  

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