Carl Hayward RIP

Carl Hayward has joined the ranks of surfers who have been leaving us...

Carl Hayward RIP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stunned at how I found out about Carl's death. I have been trying to find a connection to this family for years because all of them were the most generous people I have ever met.

Back in 1978 Carl's sister Susan took me on a really long road trip out to Cali. She was the older woman to my youth and I remember her truck, her camper, her horse named Loren...a big boy Morgan for whom we took our time and found him
the best quarters we could as we meandered across Rt. 40. This woman taught me so much......I have been seaching for her for years.
Carl was always the icon.When I met him upon arrival he and his lover were so kind; as was his little brother and his friends.... and his mother-Eleanor, as I remember her name to be-all were the most incredible people to this Rhode Islander. I still have a suitcase that Carl's mom so generously "lent" me when I split to come home.
Carl's sister's name was Susan,but I could never remember her maiden name of Hayward....I always thought Parker. For some reason 25 years later while surfing it clicked. If you remember a Susan Costa or even if you don't, I send you all my deepest regrets on theloss of Carl. I can't even believe this is how I finally found it. Carl was beautiful. And all he was connected to still holds an incredibly special place in my heart and soul. God Bless and please respond.

May 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my first surfboard was a carl hayward,awsome board and even after riding his boards i never stop using his boards.I like going in to his shop and buying stuff, a real cool shop to hang out at.

September 18, 2009  
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July 04, 2015  

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